Edition 3 of Offshore WIND Out Now!

Edition 3 of Offshore WIND Out Now!

Have you seen the latest edition of Offshore WIND? It is out now.

Offshore WIND Conference speaker Didi te Gussinklo Ohmann provided the guest column, where she says: “Offshore wind energy is facing exciting times these days. The Dutch Gemini project is well underway and will deliver sustainable energy for almost 800.000 households end 2016. That is about twice as much extra compared to the present offshore wind capacity in the Netherlands.”

Next to that, catch up on the details of the Borssele tender, find out more on the latest developments at Deutsche Windtechnik and learn more about what is happening in German offshore WIND in our German focus.

By the way, did you know that our cover was provided by C-Ventus? We think it looks great.

The next edition will be out in October and will focus on WTIVs, deck space planning and seabed survey.

Offshore WIND Magazine Staff

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Windea La Cour Crew Sharpens Offshore Rescue Response Skills (Photos)

Windea La Cour Crew Sharpens Offshore Rescue Response Skills

Early August saw an initial training session in the North Sea involving Bernhard Schulte Offshore GmbH’s new service operation vessel (SOV) Windea La Cour, chartered out to Siemens Wind Power, and the Northern Rescue 01 offshore rescue helicopter, Northern HeliCopter GmbH reports.

The training was focused on the communication between the bridge of the SOV and the offshore rescue helicopter, winch procedures from the quarterdeck and what the deckhands have to do when a helicopter lands on the helideck of Windea La Cour.

Windea La Cour Crew Sharpens Offshore Rescue Response Skills1

After the flight procedures and landing on the helideck, the ship’s crew had the opportunity for targeted firefighting training on the helicopter. In this they were supported by the helicopter’s on-board technician who was able to pass on additional valuable information to the ship’s firefighting team.

As part of the training activities the medical crew of Northern Rescue 01 got the opportunity to visit and inspect the hospital on board the WINDEA La Cour and familiarize themselves with the medical equipment there.

Windea La Cour Crew Sharpens Offshore Rescue Response Skills

In an emergency situation on the ship, a patient would be prepared in the hospital for transport by helicopter and then brought onto the helideck. A sailor spontaneously volunteered to act as ” the patient” so that the transporting of a patient on a stretcher from the ship hospital to the helideck could be simulated.

Windea La Cour Crew Sharpens Offshore Rescue Response Skills3

Windea La Cour is soon to be taken in use at the 600MW Gemini offshore wind farm off the coast of the Netherlands. The vessel is the first of two SOVs built at Ulstein Verft in Norway, which Bernhard Schulte Offshore will deliver to Siemens.

The vessel functions as a platform for wind farm operations and maintenance support, technician accommodation and transport, and provides access to installations offshore. It can accommodate 60 persons in single cabins, 40 of which are dedicated to technicians.

Photos: Northern HeliCopter

Source: Test from Offshore Wind News

GeoSea Keeps Grouting Team Unchanged

Image for illustrative purposes only. Source: Deme Group

GeoSea has once again selected the Scotland-based subsea and offshore cementing specialist FoundOcean and their support partners BASF to secure the foundations at DONG Energy’s 580MW Race Bank offshore wind farm currently under construction some 17 miles off North Norfolk, UK.

DONG contracted GeoSea, part of Deme Group, for the transportation and installation of the project’s 91 monopile foundations over an area covering around 29 square miles in 2015.

FoundOcean and BASF mobilised in June this year, at the same time when GeoSea’s installation vessel Innovation installed the first foundation at the site.

FoundOcean’s scope of work includes connecting the wind farm’s monopiles and transition pieces using MasterFlow 9500 material from BASF.

GeoSea previously contracted FoundOcean and BASF to provide the monopile to transition piece connections on German wind farms Gode Wind I and II.

FoundOcean CEO Jim Bell said: “Both FoundOcean and BASF are very pleased and grateful that the Geosea project teams have once again decided to put their trust in our products and services. As always I am confident that our onshore and offshore personnel will work hard to warrant this trust that has been placed in us.”

Race Bank will comprise 91 Siemens 6MW wind turbines scheduled for full commissioning in 2019.

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Source: Test from Offshore Wind News

Nordex wins 27.5MW deal in Ireland

Nordex will supply 11 N90 2.5MW turbines for the Slievecallan East project in County Clare, west Ireland. The project is named after the nearby Mount Slievecallan.

The turbines will be installed on 80-metre towers and is due to begin operating from the end of 2017, Nordex said. The company will also service the machines for 15-years.

Brookfield owns or operates more than 200MW of Nordex turbines in Ireland, the German manufacturer said.

Brookfield said its onshore wind portfolio consists of 600MW in operating assets across Europe. In 2014 it acquired a 500MW portfolio of Irish projects from utility Bord Gais as part of a €1.1 billion deal.

Source: Test from Wind Power Monthly

Red Tape Pushes Gicon SOF Installation to 2017

Source: Gicon

German engineering consultancy Gicon will postpone the installation of the full scale demonstrator of its floating offshore foundation, the Gicon SOF, in the Baltic Sea to 2017 due to ”procedural challenges”.

The Gicon SOF is a tension leg platform developed by Gicon and ESG GmbH in co-operation with the University of Rostock and the Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg.

Following simulations and tank tests, ESG GmbH, a member of the Gicon Group of companies, started fabrication of a full scale demonstrator for use with a 2MW class turbine.

Gicon says that the delay is not due to technical or fabrication issues and that although the project is classified as a research project, the existing legal framework required ESG GmbH to request grid connection capacity following the application procedures required by commercial wind farm operators.

”This resulted in unanticipated delays and therefore a loss of about 50 % of the total funding because the required timeline could, however, not be achieved,” Gicon said.

Gicon and ESG are currently working on closing the funding gap in order to install a full scale demonstrator in 2017.

The installation of the full scale demonstrator was initially planned for 2016. Analysis by an independent 3rd party shows that Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) of less than EUR 0.09/kWh can be achieved using the SOF TLP technology for offshore wind farms, according to Gicon.

“Even though that we had to postpone the construction of our full scale demonstrator for 2016, we are on a very positive way with the project. We are using the additional time for further improvements and cost reductions of the GICON SOF which will lead to an ever lower LCOE for offshore wind. We are looking forward to 2017,” Gicon’s founder, Prof. Dr. Jochen Grossmann, said.

Source: Test from Offshore Wind News

Vattenfall to Plan OWF Marine Operations with Mermaid

Source: James Fisher

Vattenfall has ordered a full Mermaid system license for the strategic planning of its offshore wind farm operations from James Fisher Marine Services, part of James Fisher and Sons plc. 

Mermaid provides increased understanding of the impact of weather and tidal forces on a project’s schedule to companies involved in marine operations, JFMS said.

By simulating marine operations against historical weather and tidal data, Mermaid enables enhanced decision-making in the early planning stages to support significant cost-savings through project optimisation, according to the company.

The system was launched by Mojo Maritime – a trading division of JFMS – in autumn 2015. Vattenfall was involved in the development of Mermaid by providing user testing and feedback during its late development phases prior to launch, and has now gone on to order a full license.

“Mermaid is a comprehensive solution for our marine weather risk modelling. We need to know how much and for how long the weather will cost us, and Mermaid supplies the answers. It’s fully flexible, being able to model the smallest operations to large-scale programmes and its easy-to-use interface allows us to model fast, and iterate project plans quickly.” said Anne Lina Holy, project simulation analyst at Vattenfall.

Mermaid allows users to realistically simulate marine operations to uncover risks and critical operations prior to going offshore, JFMS said.

“The high quality platform design ensuring that policies for data security and data protection are met, as well as a reliable update mechanism, means that Mermaid fits easily within our IT policies and infrastructure,” said Anders Wilhelmsson, IT demand, business area wind at Vattenfall.

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Source: Test from Offshore Wind News

Report: Gamesa and Siemens Turn Down GE’s Bid for Adwen

Source: Adwen

Gamesa and Siemens have rejected GE’s first bid to buy offshore wind turbine manufacturer Adwen, Reuters cited sources familiar with the matter as saying.

However, GE still has an option to improve its bid before the deadline, a source told Reuters.

Adwen is a 50-50 joint venture established in March 2015 between Gamesa and France’s Areva. Gamesa has reportedly valued its stake in Adwen at EUR 60.6 million, and the same value is given to Areva’s half.

The offshore wind turbine maker was reported to be in the way of the merger between Gamesa and Siemens, which was approved by the two companies in June 2016.

As part of the merger agreement, Gamesa – in alignment with Siemens- grants Areva a put option for Areva’s 50 percent stake and a call option for Gamesa’s 50 percent stake in Adwen.

Both options will expire in September. Alternatively, Areva can in this time divest 100 percent of Adwen to a third party via a drag-along right for Gamesa’s stake.

At the end of this 3-month period, Areva said it will disclose the option selected for the divestiture of its shares in Adwen. The commitments made by Adwen as part of the tender process for the offshore wind farms for electricity production in France will remain borne by Adwen, Areva said.

Gamesa and Areva received commitments from the French government that Adwen’s 8MW wind turbines will be used for projects offshore France totaling 1.5GW on condition that the turbines are built in France.

Adwen has recently started civil works in Bremerhaven to prepare the site for the installation of its 8MW prototype at the site.

Offshore WIND Staff

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Source: Test from Offshore Wind News

Danish Companies Vying for Horns Rev 3 Work

Source; MHI Vestas

Danish companies are turning their attention to Hvide Sande which is expected to become the centre of activities related to what is to be the largest offshore wind farm in Danish waters – Vattenfall’s 406MW Horns Rev 3, the Danish Wind Energy Association (DWIA) said.

The Swedish energy company and its main subcontractors should in the near future draw contracts to the area, including the contract for the operation and maintenance of the wind farm’s 49 optimised MHI Vestas V164-8.0 MW turbines, the first of which are expected to be installed and connected in 2017.

“Horns Rev 3 fits well in the cluster we already have on the West Coast in the form of both Sandbank, DanTysk and Horns Rev 1 wind farms,” said Bent Johansen, Vatenfall’s director of operations in Denmark.

“We are investing intensively in wind energy now and in the coming years, and our approach is that do not sell the projects after a short time, but we stay with the project.”

Vatenfall is currently looking for providers of O&M services for the Horns Rev 3 project, and the local companies have formed a Hvide Sande Service Group to jointly bid on what would otherwise be too big of a contract for any of the companies involved in the group.

Horns Rev 3 is Vattenfall’s largest ever investment in offshore wind and a part of the company’s long-term strategy to invest more than EUR 5.5 billion in development of on- and offshore wind energy generation capacity over the next 5 years.

Vattenfall reached the final investment decision on the project in June 2016.

Offshore WIND Staff

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Source: Test from Offshore Wind News

DONG Picks Steelwind to Build 36 Borkum Riffgrund 2 Foundations

Source: Steelwind Nordenham

DONG Energy has awarded Germany’s Steelwind Nordenham with a contract to manufacture 36 monopiles and transition pieces for the 450MW Borkum Riffgrund 2 offshore wind farm.

This is not the first time Steelwind Nordenham was contracted by DONG to build foundations for an offshore wind project, but it is the first time the company will produce transition pieces for the Danish offshore wind developer. The two companies previously collaborated on foundations for the Race Bank offshore wind farm in the UK.

Once manufactured and delivered in early 2018, the foundations and the transition pieces will be installed by Jan De Nul’s vessel Vole au vent some 54km off the coast of Lower Saxony, next to Borkum Riffgrund 1.

They will support 36 out of the wind farm’s 56 MHI Vestas V164-8.0MW wind turbines. The remaining 20 turbines will be installed on jacket foundations.

Borkum Riffgrund 2 is DONG’s fourth offshore wind farm in German waters. The company decided to build the wind farm in June 2016.

The wind farm is expected to be fully commissioned in the first half of 2019

DONG Energy is the sole owner of Borkum Riffgrund 2, but intends to divest up to 50% of the project at a later stage.

Offshore WIND Staff

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Source: Test from Offshore Wind News